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Each PIA member firm has proven results with cases involving personal injury.

Below are the success stories of some of the clients we have helped.

Annie C.

In April 2005, Annie C. was a 9-year-old grade-4 student sitting on the back seat of her father’s van. The roads were icy that day, causing her father to lose control and crash into oncoming vehicles, causing her to be ejected from the van.

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Danny M.

You can never take away a man’s sea legs, and this is especially true with Danny M. Danny grew up as an avid sailor, but when he was 43 years old, a terrible car accident rendered him a paraplegic. Danny never gave up on his dream to return to sailing and was determined to compete again. The accident left Danny a paraplegic, and he spent over a year in Toronto hospitals rehabilitating. When he was able to leave the hospital, Danny started having trouble with his insurance company. They had determined he was fit enough to work for minimum wage and decided that he was not entitled to the settlement he deserved. Danny contacted a member firm of the Personal Injury Alliance, seeking our support.

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Derek G. and Ryan M.

Derek G, 22 and Ryan M, 21, were passengers in a vehicle driving on Little Britain Road near Lindsay for the weekend. The driver lost control of the vehicle while passing on a curve and the vehicle rolled. Both Derek and Ryan were thrown from the vehicle.

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Donald G.

On March 3, 2003, a flash freeze caused Highway 5 to become icy near Waterdown, Ontario. Donald G. was travelling on Highway 5 with his dog when he suddenly lost control. The vehicle swerved, but Donald was able to regain control for a stretch. When Donald lost control for a second time, he was not so lucky. His vehicle slid into the path of another vehicle. Donald’s truck was broadsided by the oncoming car on his driver’s side in the middle of the highway. Donald suffered catastrophic brain injuries and will never be able to work again.

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Kalika W.

On March 11, 2005, Kalika W., who had then just turned 17, was a back-seat passenger in a car whose driver failed to negotiate a left‑hand curve, resulting in a crash that caused her catastrophic injuries. Her most significant injuries were profound and permanent cognitive impairment and a number of spinal fractures. Some of Kalika’s other injuries included a basal skull fracture, brain swelling, partial hearing loss, bilateral hemiplegia, impaired vision, trauma to her internal organs, a fractured pelvis, lung damage, and profound speech impairment. Naturally, Kalika’s life and that of her entire family were greatly changed by this crash.

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Katherine P.M.

On August 2, 2002, the lives of 15-year-old Katherine P.M. and her family changed forever. Katherine was a back-seat passenger in a car driving towards a highway intersection. It was dark and the driver’s headlights tended to fog up and did not throw a lot of light. Unknown to the driver, there was no checkerboard sign indicating that the road would end. The driver did not see the stop sign and drove at a high speed into the intersection. The car became airborne and landed on the other side of the highway.

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Gerry Y.

Gerry Y. is a retired teacher who loves to hit the open road on his motorcycle, but in the spring of 2006 he took a ride that would change his life forever. Gerry was riding down a familiar street when he suddenly lost control of his motorcycle and sustained a catastrophic injury to his spine.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors told him the damage to his spinal cord would most likely prevent him from ever walking again. But Gerry was not prepared to let his accident defeat him and was determined to not only walk again, but also get back on his motorcycle.

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Tammy K.

As a single mother of three, Tammy K. has always been a determined and hardworking individual, but one early morning in the fall of 2008, her strength would be tested considerably. Tammy was safely driving to work when a truck suddenly pulled out of a parking lot without warning. The result was a devastating car accident as Tammy’s car was T-boned, leaving her life in question.

Thankfully, Tammy was rushed to the hospital where doctors worked to save her life. After weeks of being in a coma, it was unclear if she would survive a catastrophic brain injury, but her determination and strength enabled her to start down a path of rehabilitation. It was at this point when Tammy’s children hired a lawyer to help her with her case. But, after a year of little progress, it became clear that she needed more experienced representation.

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