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Equipment and Product Liability in Ontario

Lawyers of PIA member firms represent people in catastrophic injury and fatality cases involving dangerous and defective products, including automotive and tire, as well as consumer products from home electronics to food, to clothing, to vehicles.

When a manufacturer places products into the public market they create a relationship of reliance with consumers, concerning the dangers inherent in the use of the product. Every manufacturer of a product therefore owes the ultimate user of that product a duty of care to catch defects before they hit the marketplace.

At the same time, a seller or distributor has a duty to the public to only sell or distribute a product that is verified to be safe. If the seller, distributor or manufacturer breached the applicable standard of care, and that breach caused or contributed to an injury, then the seller, manufacturer, or distributor will be legally responsible for any resulting losses.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the legal and technical issues involved in products liability claims and can call upon a wide range of resources to provide expert testimony regarding the cause of an injury.

Catastrophic Injuries

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