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Kalika W.

On March 11, 2005, Kalika W., who had then just turned 17, was a back-seat passenger in a car whose driver failed to negotiate a left‑hand curve, resulting in a crash that caused her catastrophic injuries. Her most significant injuries were profound and permanent cognitive impairment and a number of spinal fractures. Some of Kalika’s other injuries included a basal skull fracture, brain swelling, partial hearing loss, bilateral hemiplegia, impaired vision, trauma to her internal organs, a fractured pelvis, lung damage, and profound speech impairment. Naturally, Kalika’s life and that of her entire family were greatly changed by this crash.

A law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance™ was contacted to help Kalika and her family secure compensation for her injuries and the result is believed to be one of the largest payouts to a victim of an Ontario car accident. Effective demonstrative evidence was presented at mediation, including a well-prepared day-in-the-life video.

Kalika has gone on to make a remarkable recovery. She recently graduated from high school, with assistance.

The firm is very thankful for the opportunity to meet Kalika and her family, and to help them adjust to their new life. The courage demonstrated by Kalika and her family was truly remarkable and can best be described as “inspirational”.

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