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Danny M.

You can never take away a man’s sea legs, and this is especially true with Danny M. Danny grew up as an avid sailor, but when he was 43 years old, a terrible car accident rendered him a paraplegic. Danny never gave up on his dream to return to sailing and was determined to compete again. The accident left Danny a paraplegic, and he spent over a year in Toronto hospitals rehabilitating. When he was able to leave the hospital, Danny started having trouble with his insurance company. They had determined he was fit enough to work for minimum wage and decided that he was not entitled to the settlement he deserved. Danny contacted a member firm of the Personal Injury Alliance, seeking our support.

The law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance was able to secure Danny’s financial future so he could focus once again on what he loved: sailing. Since his accident, Danny has gotten back behind the helm and into competitive sailing. He has become one of the top-ranked competitive disabled sailors in the world. He is also the founder of the Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario and one of the sport’s foremost international ambassadors.

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