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Children’s Injuries in Ontario

Injuries to children most often take place when there is improper supervision at the hands of trusted adults or companies, and can occur in the following situations:

  • School trip incidents
  • Faulty equipment accidents
  • Swimming pools
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Defective car seats, toys and other products

There are complex requirements and restrictions in place to handle litigation where children are plaintiffs. Not only do children require litigation guardians, but courts are also required to ensure that any settlement is made in the best interests of the children. It takes knowledgeable lawyers who understand these restrictions and who are dedicated to doing the best for the child.

Lawyers of PIA member firms are not only focused on obtaining the financial recovery your child requires, we are also determined to help your child get the maximum rehabilitation in place, so he or she achieves as well as possible in school and beyond. We work with your child from the very beginning of his or her injury throughout treatment. We stay in close contact with your child’s pediatric neurologists, neuropsychologists, education specialists, speech-language pathologists, primary care physicians, and others. If a case manager has been assigned to your child’s case, we also work closely with that individual to ensure treatment is not duplicated or set back at any point.

Catastrophic Injuries

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