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Gerry Y.

Gerry Y. is a retired teacher who loves to hit the open road on his motorcycle, but in the spring of 2006 he took a ride that would change his life forever. Gerry was riding down a familiar street when he suddenly lost control of his motorcycle and sustained a catastrophic injury to his spine.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors told him the damage to his spinal cord would most likely prevent him from ever walking again. But Gerry was not prepared to let his accident defeat him and was determined to not only walk again, but also get back on his motorcycle.

After doing some research, Gerry contacted a law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance™. The law firm educated Gerry on his rights and helped assemble an extensive team of spinal cord injury specialists.

With the help of Gerry’s new rehabilitation team, his determination and strength took over; and after years of hard work, he’s now back on his feet and back on the open road.

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