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Wrongful Death Injuries in Ontario

If you have lost someone you care about due to a negligent act or event, your entire family is likely ravaged with emotion and loss. However, it is extremely important that you see a lawyer to discuss a wrongful death lawsuit as soon as you can.

When a person has been killed by the negligent act of another person, the surviving spouse, children, parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters of the deceased person are able to make a claim for damages. Families can be robbed of their main income earner, leaving them in dire financial states. If someone was killed in the accident, benefits are available for Funeral Expenses and a modest Death Benefit is available for the spouse and dependents of the deceased.

It is important to note that there are extremely short deadlines for submitting the required forms in a wrongful death situation, and the insurer can refuse to pay for expenses incurred before the proper forms are submitted. The PIA firms have a team who are dedicated to assisting our clients in applying for death benefits.

Our experienced lawyers have the skills, expertise, and resolve to get you all of the justice that you are entitled to.

If your family member died in a fatal accident, lawyers of PIA member firms are available to help. We take a personal interest in our clients and do everything we can to help them through this difficult time.

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