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Annie C.

In April 2005, Annie C. was a 9-year-old grade-4 student sitting on the back seat of her father’s van. The roads were icy that day, causing her father to lose control and crash into oncoming vehicles, causing her to be ejected from the van.

She suffered massive head injuries and was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children, where the trauma team was uncertain if she would survive. She did survive and spent several months in care facilities. When she was discharged home, her mother took over where the hospital staff left off and made many personal sacrifices while her father continued to run the family business. Her mother worked incredibly hard with a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals to help her with her rehabilitation. Even with all the help she was receiving, it soon became obvious that Annie would never work at gainful employment and would require around-the-clock care.

Annie’s injuries and losses were substantial, and so were the losses felt by her family. A law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance™ was contacted to help her family secure her future. She was an excellent student, and showed a love of music by taking piano and singing lessons. Now confined primarily to a wheelchair, Annie needs assistance throughout the day to help with mobility, speech and language, her school work, and social skills.

After significant negotiations before trial, a law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance settled Annie’s claim for damages for $13,450,000, which represents one of the largest settlements in Canadian history. While she will continue to struggle with her disabilities for the remainder of her life, this settlement ensures a secure future with her needs being met.

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