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Tammy K.

As a single mother of three, Tammy K. has always been a determined and hardworking individual, but one early morning in the fall of 2008, her strength would be tested considerably. Tammy was safely driving to work when a truck suddenly pulled out of a parking lot without warning. The result was a devastating car accident as Tammy’s car was T-boned, leaving her life in question.

Thankfully, Tammy was rushed to the hospital where doctors worked to save her life. After weeks of being in a coma, it was unclear if she would survive a catastrophic brain injury, but her determination and strength enabled her to start down a path of rehabilitation. It was at this point when Tammy’s children hired a lawyer to help her with her case. But, after a year of little progress, it became clear that she needed more experienced representation.

Tammy needed legal help to ensure her family’s future and she wasn’t happy with her current lawyer. So instead of accepting what her current lawyer was providing, she did her own research and contacted a firm of the Personal Injury Alliance™.

The law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance replaced her entire rehabilitation team with brain injury specialists and experts, and in the following months, she began to demonstrate remarkable progress. Her spirits were much higher and she was much more comfortable knowing that her new law firm would be able to help her secure her family’s future.

The law firm of the Personal Injury Alliance helped Tammy resolve her case successfully. She has since gone on to live a much more secure life knowing that funds will be available to cover her needs in the years to come. Tammy is now an active spokesperson in support of brain injury awareness. She is in great spirits and remains as motivated as ever.

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