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Winter Driving Safety Tips

January 8, 2014

Although a winter snowfall in Ontario is a beautiful sight, the cold weather conditions leave roads slippery and dangerous. Preparation is key to road safety during these long winter months. The Personal Injury Alliance encourages everyone to keep the following tips in mind before heading out on Ontario’s roads this winter.

  1. Before driving away ensure you clear all the snow and ice off your windshield, lights and windows. Clearing snow from the hood and roof of your car will also help to prevent the blowing snow that effects general road visibility.

  2. Snowmobile trails have unexpected twists and turns, be sure to watch for people as well as any wildlife. Obey the rules of the trails and keep your speed down especially when going around corners. Learn more about snowmobile safety HERE.

  3. Drive slowly on snowy or icy roads, braking gently to avoid skidding. Always keep your headlights on as this increases visibility to other drivers on the road.

  4. Check the weather report and travel conditions ahead of hitting the roads. This will help prepare you for the road conditions. Giving yourself extra time and staying on main roads will also help to ensure you get to your destination safely.

  5. Safe winter driving relies on you to operate your vehicle at a speed that’s suitable to the road conditions. Slow down, be alert and drive smart. Learn more about automobile safety HERE.

Being prepared is the best defense against a potential injury. If you or someone you know has been injured in a winter road accident CONTACT the Personal injury Alliance for a free consultation with an experienced road vehicle accident personal injury lawyer.

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