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Summer road safety tips

May 19, 2017

Victoria Day long weekend has always marked the unofficial start to summer. Over the next couple of months many people will be driving up north to enjoy Ontario’s beautiful cottage country.  The PIA reminds all drivers, and co-pilots, to keep the following safety tips in mind before heading out on the road:

  1. When you’re packing for a road trip, think safety. Many drivers sacrifice field of vision, including blocking their mirrors to squeeze in extra supplies. Don’t jeopardize safety by over-stuffing your vehicle.

  2. You hear it time and again, but anytime you’re in a car… wear your seat belt. This isn’t just necessary for the driver, but for every passenger in the vehicle. Seat belts really do save lives.

  3. When driving to the cottage, use caution! It’s easy to get excited to escape the city and beat the traffic, but aggressive driving won’t get you there safely!

  4. Cottage roads can have unexpected twists and turns. It’s important to watch out for pedestrians and cyclists who may be on them around the bend. Be sure to keep your speed in check and obey the limits.

  5. Cottage country is wildlife country too. Be aware of animals on or near the road. If you drive at night or in the early morning, be especially careful as wildlife is more active at this time.

Make Summer 2017 memorable for the right reasons, enjoy yourself and be mindful of your safety and the safety of those around you.


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