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Summer Boating Safety Tips

June 26, 2013

The Canada Day long weekend is just around the corner and the hot summer weather is heating up Ontario’s great lakes – making it the perfect time of year to go boating!

Whether you’re operating a sailboat, speed boat, jet ski or canoe, the law firms of the Personal Injury Alliance remind you to follow these summer boating safety tips:

  1. Develop a float plan before going out; tell someone where you’ll be going and when you plan to return. In the event of an emergency, help will arrive sooner if they know where to find you.

  2. Understanding weather and water conditions is key to boating safety. Check the weather forecast and marine report before heading out so dangerous boating conditions don’t take you by surprise.

  3. Check your Safety Equipment before boating. Make sure you have all the required equipment in your boat and that it’s in good working order, including fresh batteries for your flashlight!

  4. The most important part of operating a boat is to keep a safe speed. Be alert and steer clear of large vessels and watercraft that can be restricted in their ability to stop or turn.

  5. When boating, make sure more than one person is familiar with the boat’s handling and operations. If the primary navigator is unable to drive, it’s important that someone else can step in.

  6. When on a boat, make sure you and any children aboard wear properly sized lifejackets or PFDs. There must be a Canadian-approved lifejacket for everyone. Remember, it won’t work unless you wear it!

  7. There’s just no excuse. You should never consume alcohol while boating. Alcohol diminishes your judgment and slows reactions. Respect the waterways and leave alcoholic beverages behind.

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