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I’ve been summonsed for Jury Duty: What happens next?

February 12, 2014

Many people dread getting summonsed for jury duty, they see it as inconvenient and it can be a financial burden (you don’t get paid for the first 10 days and only get $40 a day after that). However, juries are a crucial part of our justice system and serving on one can be quite interesting.

Below is an overview of what you can expect during Jury Duty:

1. Jury selection begins on the day you are summoned to Court, as stated on the notice you receive in the mail. If you have a legitimate reason for not serving on the jury you may be excused by the presiding Judge.

2. When you arrive at the court, the case is called and a court official pulls names from a drum. If your name is pulled you are ushered up to the jury box.

3. Unlike the American system, Ontario Lawyers do not ask questions of potential jurors. The only information provided to the lawyers about potential jurors are their name, age and occupation.

4. Each party in the lawsuit can “challenge” four jurors. When a juror is challenged, he or she is taken off the jury panel.

5. Once the jury is chosen and the case begins, the jurors are the key decision makers. While a Judge will make rulings about evidence and provide legal-based instructions, the jury will decide the case.

People who serve on juries play an important role in our community, helping to ensure that at the end of a trial a fair and just decision is made. View the original content: HERE

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