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Peer review rankings are arguably the only objective standard readily available to persons wishing to assess a lawyer’s competence to handle a complex personal injury case. While such rankings are not perfect and no PIA lawyer would suggest that he or she is superior to another lawyer based solely on such rankings, these rankings are objective and can be very helpful in choosing a lawyer.

Following is the list of PIA Law lawyers who are members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association (OTLA) and hold all 4 of the peer review objective designations. To view the complete list of of OTLA lawyers who hold all 4 designations, click here.

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2015 Lexpert Ranked Firm



L. Craig Brown  Thomson, Rogers
J. Patrick Brown  McLeish Orlando
Leonard H. Kunka  Thomson, Rogers
Adam R. Little  Oatley Vigmond
Sloan H. Mandel  Thomson, Rogers
John A. McLeish  McLeish Orlando
Darcy R. Merkur  Thomson, Rogers
David R. Neill  Thomson, Rogers
Roger G. Oatley  Oatley Vigmond
Dale V. Orlando  McLeish Orlando
James L. Vigmond  Oatley Vigmond
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