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Sep 17, 2014

Wendy Moore Mandel


Interview with: Wendy Moore Mandel, Personal Injury Alliance Lawyer
Published in: The Toronto Metro Newspaper September 17, 2014 issue

Q When someone is seriously injured, why is it important to hire a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law?
Catastrophic injury cases are complex and, therefore, require a lawyer who is equipped to deal with all the different components — the medical issues concerning the specific injury, the prediction of future needs and calculation of economic losses, and the interactions between insurance systems, no-fault, civil tort, and private disability, to name a few. The lawyer must also know how to put these pieces together to achieve the best outcome in terms of rehabilitation, care and compensation.

Q What are the risks of hiring a lawyer without a personal injury specialty?
If the lawyer doesn’t have the experience to fully understand and assess the injury and doesn’t know how to access the necessary resources, both medical and financial, an injured person could miss out on much needed rehabilitation and could receive less than fair compensation.

Q How do you ensure you are hiring the right lawyer?
Experience matters. Look behind the advertising and check the credentials of both the lawyer and his or her firm. A lawyer should be certified by the Law Society, recognized by their peers in legitimate reviews — Lexpert and Best Lawyers in Canada — and have years of experience practising personal injury law. The law firm, like all of the firms in the Personal Injury Alliance, should have a solid track record of handling complex cases.
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