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Aug 27, 2014


Interview with: Rikin Morzaria, Personal Injury Alliance Lawyer
Published in: The Toronto Metro Newspaper August 27, 2014 issue

Q If someone is injured in a car accident and believes they may be at fault, do they still have a case for damages?
A In many cases, yes. If a person is negligent, they can still recover damages or financial compensation based on the degree of the other party’s fault. Even if the injured person is 100 per cent to blame for the accident, there are no-fault accident benefits called statutory accident benefits. If it’s a catastrophic injury, the benefits can be substantial, up to $1 million for rehab.

Q Why is retaining a qualified personal injury lawyer so important?
Personal injury cases of a serious nature, especially at-fault cases, are extremely complicated and lengthy. An experienced personal injury lawyer who has expertise in this area of law is needed to determine what the options are and for what benefits the client is entitled. The lawyer can also provide access to rehab professionals, or work with a client’s trusted medical specialist. Lawyers such as those of the Personal Injury Alliance have years of experience and a track record of success in these kinds of cases.

Q How do you find the right lawyer?
It’s important to meet with a few lawyers to find out about their experience in personal injury cases. Ask for client and health-care professional references. The lawyer should have trial experience and a track record of achieving successful results. A person should also feel comfortable dealing with the lawyer because they will work together closely. For more information, go to

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