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Aug 06, 2014


Interview with: Robert Durante, Personal Injury Alliance Lawyer
Published in: The Toronto Metro Newspaper August 6, 2014 issue

Q Why do catastrophic injury cases take so long?
A There’s typically a lengthy period of rehabilitation, often lasting at least two years. It is important to wait until it has been completed in order to determine the extent to which the person will recover and to ensure there are enough funds to pay for care for as long as needed. Your lawyer will lay out a litigation plan including timelines, available benefits (for example, motor vehicle insurance money, CPP disability benefits and Ontario Disability Support Payments), and an estimate of the settlement amount.

Q What’s the risk for a quick cash settlement?
A The biggest risk is settling for too little money. For people who are seriously injured, the financial outcome of the case will drastically affect the way in which they live their life. And that’s why it’s important to let the rehabilitation phase run its course.

Q Why is a personal injury lawyer recommended for this type of case?
A Experience is the biggest factor. Lawyers who specialize in personal injury, such as those in the Personal Injury Alliance, have seen it all, from seemingly minor injuries that end up significantly impacting someone’s earning potential through to very serious injuries that result in the need for lifelong care. No matter the injury, a lawyer that tries to persuade a seriously injured client into a quick settlement is lacking experience and expertise in this field and is essentially doing the client a serious injustice.

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