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Jun 25, 2014

J. Patrick Brown


Interview with: Patrick Brown, Personal Injury Alliance lawyer
Published in: The Toronto Metro Newspaper June 25, 2014 issue

Q How great is the risk of serious injury to cyclists?
 Toronto has one of the highest collision rates per capita for cyclists of any large Canadian city. More than 1,000 bicycle riders are injured here each year — and the real figure is much higher since an estimated 80 per cent go unreported. Much still needs to be done to increase safety, including increased investment in bike lanes, the addition of sideguards on heavy trucks and the adoption of a complete streets policy by road authorities.

Q If someone is seriously injured in a cycling accident, what rights do they have?
 A cyclist who is injured in a collision with a motor vehicle has a right to sue the at-fault motorist. But the case can be complicated because the amount of compensation they are entitled to will depend on the injuries sustained, the precautions the cyclist took or didn’t take (such as use of a helmet and lights, and following the rules of the road), and of course, the negligence of the driver.

Q If someone is seriously injured in a cycling accident, what kind of lawyer should they hire?
 As in all personal injury cases of a serious nature, it is important to hire a lawyer that specializes in personal injury and has a track record for successfully handling similar cases. Personal injury lawyers, such as those of the Personal Injury Alliance, who work with victims of cycling accidents and their families, have a front-row seat to the aftermath of these collisions. They understand the devastating impact these accidents have on victims and their loved ones, and advocate for the rights of cyclists who have been injured or killed.

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