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Dec 10, 2014


Interview With: David R. Tenszen
Published In: The Metro Toronto Newspaper, December 10, 2014 issue

Q Are snowmobile accidents a serious problem in Ontario?
A OPP statistics reveal that in the last four Ontario winters, more than 70 people were killed in snowmobile accidents. Each year, hundreds more sustain serious and permanent injuries riding snowmobiles.

Q If someone is seriously injured or killed in a snowmobile accident, what rights do they and their family have?
A A snowmobile is required to be insured under the same type of insurance policy as a car or truck in Ontario. Therefore, when someone is seriously injured or killed in a snowmobile accident, they and their family can claim no-fault accident benefits from their own snowmobile insurer regardless of who is at fault. These benefits provide for income replacement, medical treatment, rehabilitation services, attendant care and other benefits. In addition, injured people and their families can sue those who cause or contribute to their accident.

Q If someone is seriously injured in a snowmobile accident, should they consult with a lawyer?
A The legal process for resolving snowmobile accident cases is very complex. There are short time limits, complicated forms, and medical reports and records that must be prepared and submitted. It is vitally important to hire a lawyer with the right experience and qualifications. Make sure you check the lawyer’s credentials before deciding which lawyer to hire. The lawyers of PIA Law have the right credentials and a track record of successfully resolving complex personal injury cases, including snowmobile accident cases.
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